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Hi, my name is Pedro.  Cathy and Hillary brought me back from
Ocala, Florida around 2007.  I was just a baby and I have grown so
much since I have lived here in Michigan.  My favorite thing to do is
get turned out with all my school horse buddies.  I always find the
tallest one to be my best friend.  You will always know when it is
feeding time around the farm because I am the noisiest, I think you
can even hear me in the boarder aisle.  HaHaHa.  I like to be funny
like that.  One time, actually 3 times, I got to go for a ride in Dori's
mini van.  The first trip was to Lena's school to meet all her friends.  
We even got to go through the McDonalds drive thru, boy the look
on the faces!  The next time I went to a Mexican Party and got my
picture taken with all the people.  I felt very famous!  My last road trip
I went to a golf outing and carried the clubs.  I'm not sure about that
job, people looked at me like I wasn't supposed to be there, but it
was fun to watch these crazy people try to hit a little ball in a hole.  
Well, that was my last road trip and that was like
9 years ago.  
Anyone up for trying to get me in a mini van again?  I am stubborn,
at least thats what I think donkeys are supposed to be.  After all,
they let me hang out with all these horses and they have taught me
a thing or two!