MEADOWVIEW FARM • 9914 Vergennes • Lowell, Michigan 49331 • 616-897-9944
MVF offers lessons for adults and children, beginner thru advanced, centering primarily
on disciplines of Equitation and Hunter/Jumper.  Life at the barn has a strong, healthy
influence on developing a young person and improving self esteem.  Horse
relationships can be extremely rewarding and beneficial, teaching life lessons in
patience and rewards associated with progress.

Group, semi-private and private lessons can be scheduled by appointment seven days
a week.  Groups are offered for ages 8 and up, with riders younger than 8
accommodated through private lessons taught on the lunge line.
Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your lesson to properly groom your horse and put their
tack on correctly.  In addition a rider will need to allow approximately 20 minutes for
practicing good horsemanship, cooling your horse out, un-tacking, grooming and putting
away all equipment.  Horses rely on their riders to keep them groomed for their health
and to be put away cool. A warm horse that eats or drinks water will surely get sick.
Our student’s safety and well being is our main concern around the horses and we strive
to teach them proper horsemanship as well as achieve each rider’s individual goals.  
Meadowview Farm teaches all riders to be a part of our  team whether they take lessons,
compete or own their own horse.  Our teamwork produces an effective learning
environment for all ages.
Riding boots- Tall boots with breeches, paddock boots with
jodhpurs or ½ chaps Beginners may wear a hard soled boot
with a 1” or less heel.  No rubber boots.

Helmets-MVF does provide helmets to beginning riders.  
Riders who participate consistently in our program are
recommended to purchase their own ASTM/SEI helmet.  
Plastic outer shell is NOT recommended.

Jeans or long pants are a must, NO shorts or cropped pants
will be accepted.

Hair must be pulled back neatly and up in helmet.  Young
riders may wear braids.

No loose clothing, excessive/dangling jewelry, gum, cell
phones or other electronics, spaghetti straps or open toed
shoes will be accepted.  These rules will be enforced for the
riders safety.