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"The Sport of Kings," the world's oldest team sport, wasn't that what they played in the movie
Pretty Woman? These are all phrases people use to describe the sport of polo. But, you don't
have to be a king or a movie star to play polo, and you do not even have to leave West Michigan.

You can learn to play one of the best sports on a horse at Meadowview Farm through the
Meadowview Farm Polo School. The Polo School is instructed by long time polo player and
horse trainer Les Johnson.

Les Johnson has been playing polo professionally for over 35 years throughout the United
States and Canada and even in Mexico and Zambia. Les has trained hundreds of polo horses
for all levels of polo and all types of players. He also has coached Women's Interscholastic
Teams, club players, and manages the Meadowview Farm Polo Club.

Les gets help with the Polo School from his daughter, Katie. She has been riding horses most
of her life and "caught' the polo bug from her dad over f
ourteen years ago. Katie helps
beginning players learn the game and techniques of riding and plays throughout the Midwest
and Canada. She also assists in the management of events for the Meadowview Farm Polo C
lub and plans the Club's social events.

The Meadowview Farm Polo School can train players of all ages and skills. Whether you have
never been on a horse or you are a skilled player, we can provide the right level of instruction
to teach you the game of polo.
Meadowview Farm also features the Meadowview Farm Polo Club.
The club includes players of all skill levels.

Click the Polo Club link below to find out about the club's history, what
it has to offer, and the schedule of the club's tournaments.
  • Skilled instruction on riding with year round riding
  • Ability to learn swing techniques on a wooden
    horse in a practice facility
  • Opportunity to play on a grass field, outdoor
    arena and indoor arena with the Meadowview
    Farm Polo Club all without putting a horse in a
  • Advanced instruction on game strategies and the
    rules of the game
  • Chance to travel around the United States to play
    polo with the Meadowview Farm Polo Club